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September 2020

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The work will be installed in the lobby of a bustling city building, so I chose this shade of blue — a complex mixture of colors — so that visitors can feel the refreshment of a natural environment.

I have laid down the panel to apply the base.  I try not to stop the brush in the middle of the panel, which would leave marks.

I am participating in the first Mitsukoshi Isetan Hiroshi Senju Nihonga Award ceremony remotely. The grand prize went to Ms. Minok Chuon, the second prize went to Ms. Yumiko Yoshioka and the Mitsukoshi art award went to Masaomi Oura. I admire their wonderful works.

I am judging the "Children's Art Award" organized by the Dojima River Forum using Zoom.  I am extremely impressed by the energy of the elementary school students.