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September 2021

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We are having a Zoom meeting on a project to be installed in the lobby of an office building in Manhattan, NY.  The selection of large projects is almost always a competition between artists.  The huge waterfall behind me and the tapestry work by Picasso will be at this lobby of the building.

I have created many waterfalls, but never once has the same form appeared, and it is the first meeting with a new form every time.  It is a conversation with every new waterfall.  I face what appeared in front of me naturally and see where the water wants to take me.

I repeat the conversation with every water stream and listen to each stream, eventually showing me what it wanted.  My process for the painting is to empty my mind and to communicate while respecting the creation in front of me.

Since the waterfall is a vertical beauty, I want the surface of the water where vertical meets to be horizontal. Therefore I use a T-shaped ruler to try and create the most beautiful horizon possible. The work behind me, which used many colors, is called “Waterfall on Colors” which will be premiered in New York and London coming fall.